K. Renee Ward

K. Renee Ward is business profit consultant and lifestyle marketing expert with over 10 years of experience assisting entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies generate sales. Her “Genius Zone” is developing strategies and applying systems of management for full and part-time entrepreneurs to multiply the success of online sales, digital footprint, inbound lead generation, business operations and mindset strategies.

Success Highlights:

* In 2011, launched women focused blog – Hustle and Heels, which quickly amassed over 3,000 impressions daily and over 10,000 followers nationwide.

* In 2015, assisted first client in reaching $250k revenue in online sales

* In 2016, helped over 25 entrepreneurs double their online sales and social media followers

Straight Out Of Corporate, launching in Fall 2016, is a profit marketing education system built to relieve the stress of “running a business”. After consulting with numerous entrepreneurs, K. Renee realized the difficulties many were having with identifying and accessing revenue-generating opportunities to grow their businesses. Straight Out Of Corporate provides laser focus on dispelling the misconceptions of the corporate model and placing big business structured systems into small businesses. K. Renee’s goal is to help highly productive professionals market their products and businesses like celebrities while reducing their learning curves to correctly leverage resources and social media. Through books, coaching sessions, mastermind groups, and community education, creativity within business is nourished to enable maximum results – thus making more money in their businesses!

Both of K. Renee’s parents were entrepreneurs. Her family has a successful history of leadership within the music industry, including her brother who is an award-winning, multi-talented record producer. As a teen, K. Renee unknowingly used her passion of systems management to run the front office of her parent’s businesses. After college, she built a result-driven reputation in corporate America, leading over 200 marketing and sales professionals. She is a closet tech geek that has a passion for travel and fashion. She is a firm believer in having a ‘laptop lifestyle’. She has ventured to every major city within the U.S. and countries including Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia. She believes that entrepreneurs can employ a corporate mindset without sacrificing their creativity and lifestyle.


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